ZEB'S is available for holiday celebrations, concerts, live recordings w audiences and all types of events. Consider having your Holiday party or your CD release here. We're all set up for music and festivities. The vibe is great and the prices are reasonable so reserve a time for your next event. We can make it happen!!!!!!.

About Zebulon Sound and Light:

Situated above a plumber's supply in Chelsea, Zebulon Sound and Light (aka ZEB'S) is a unique recording studio and performance space that provides musicians and artists with a place to create, display and perform. ZEB's proprietor and renowned jazz guitarist and producer Saul "Zebulon" Rubin brings his own unique music and art sensibility to this authentic jazz loft.

The space itself is a spacious nearly 2,000 square foot open loft, flooded with light. The studio boasts a beautiful Yamaha grand piano and a warm-sounding vintage Trident mixing board. Bamboo mobiles are suspended from the ceiling and original artwork hangs from every wall. The room creates a feeling of openness that reflects our own responsiveness to new musical and artistic ideas.


ZEB's is available for private events, including concerts, parties and fundraisers. Email us


Our primary focus is to record and produce music in a relaxed, inspiring studio setting. We are a full-service recording studio equipped to produce projects of any size or style (and highly experienced at doing so).

ZEB's also provides a unique venue for artists to create high-quality live recordings in front of an audience of fans. In addition to studio recording, we offer various alternatives that allow for artists' comfort and preferences. Live recording is one of these options. Video recording services are available as well.

ZEB's also provides visual services including graphic design, video recording of live performances, video editing, 3-D animation projects, post-production, and title design.

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